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An article posted  not even 30 minutes ago about Wirefly offering the Droid Incredible at $149.99. We have just learned that AMAZON is offering the phone for NEW Verizon Wireless customers for only $99.99.

The upgrade process with this same offer with gives no love. For those of you who are wanting to switch over from Sprint, AT&T, T-mobile, or anyone else, now is your chance to get the latest and greatest for only $99.99.   A DROID INCREDIBLE WITH NO REBATE…STRAIGHT OUT COST OF $99.99 FOR NEW CUSTOMERS!

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Droid Incredible Accessories

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Unfortunately, there is not a ton of accessories out….YET!  I will be finding them and trying them.  Seidio did announce that they will be creating their line to compliment the Incredible soon.  Here are a few accessories that are out as of now.

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    Motorola Droid Cardock and QIK App Review

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    A quick look at the Motorola Droid Cardock and QIK live streaming.

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    Game Gripper – Gamepad for Motorola Droid Review

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    I review the new Game Gripper gamepad for the Motorola Droid. It is a MUST for Droid owners who play emulated games.

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    Droid Eris Accessories

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    If you want a full body scratch proof case there is Zagg: www.zagg.com Also some screen protectors :)

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    Droid Eris Skins Review

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    Erika takes a look at how the protective skin cases work on the Droid Eris.

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    Carbon Snap On Case for Motorola Droid

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    Get Yours Here: www.fommy.com The new Amzer Snap On Case is designed specifically for your Motorola Droid A855, hugging every curve. Made of lightweight yet durable plastic material, it will safeguard your Droidwithout adding extra bulk. So say good-bye to accidental bumps and scratches on your Motorola. Exact cutouts allow speedy access to critical controls for a fully functional device. The two piece protector case goes on and comes off in a snap, so protecting your new gadget has never been this easy. Get your Snap On Case for your Motorola Droid today!

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    Motorola DROID Accessory Update

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    Today we look at the first case we found which was the Xentris.. Not the best case at all especially for . We found similar rebranded for .99..

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    Motorola DROID Skins Review

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    Erika shows how to properly install a skin for your Motorola DROID.

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    SEIDIO Motorola Droid ACESSORIES

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    These are some of the highest rated products on the market!  Seidio is awesome and can be had for cheaper here than from the company website.

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